Debacle Software

2008 – 2012

During the early goldrush days of iPhone Apps, I teamed up with two of my close friends to found Debacle Software.

Together we built Pano, an award-winning panoramic photography app, and Self Image, an innovative app for taking selfies.

Pano for iOS

My work on Pano paved the way for the rest of my career as a mobile app designer.

We at Debacle, along with the rest of the industry, learned all of our lessons out in the field.

Pano for Android

As a natural followup to our initial success, we ported Pano to Android.

Pano for Windows Phone

As sales of Pano continued, we were approached by Microsoft and Nokia to develop a version of Pano for their new Windows Phone 7 mobile OS.

Our goal for this port was to keep all the functionality of Pano while staying in line with WP7's then-radical Metro design language.

Self Image

Mobile phone cameras around this time had lacklustre cameras, especially the front-facing camera.

In order to use the higher-quality rear camera for selfies, we used computer vision technology to create an app that would automatically take a photo when a face was detected in the frame.

Eric Akaoka