Kinetic Café

2015 – present

As part of the design team at Kinetic, I help create innovative retail experiences and mobile apps for influential consumer brands.


Working closely with our clients at Indigo, we conceived and launched a modern social book recommendation app.

Reco Pull to Refresh Prototype

I enjoy interaction prototyping, and using one of my go-to tools (Framer) I built this live mockup of an adorable book animation.

Indigo Search Prototype

During some downtime between projects, I built an unofficial internal prototype exploring what a modern rich book search UI might look like.

This prototype was built as a static webpage using HTML/CSS/JS.

Indigo Welcome Prototype

Another part of the unofficial prototype involved a stream of content as part of a welcome experience.

In this video I'm showcasing a cute stylistic flourish that I'm particularly proud of: a subtle glare/reflection effect that appears on certain tiles as the user scrolls.

Kinetic Commerce Platform

A comprehensive, customizable app framework for developing premium in-store experiences for retail clients.

Platform Associate App

One application of KCP helps sales associates by streamlining the process of helping customers in-store.

Eric Akaoka