Personal Work

These are some of the side projects I'm most proud of.

This Website

I began working on the latest iteration of my personal website in 2015, when I laid out my current brand identity and put the homepage together.

It took me a while to get to filling in all the content, but here we are, finally.

Netrunner Tracker

My favourite, most multi-discipline project to date, this is a device I designed and built for use with Android: Netrunner, one of my favourite games.

I honed my soldering skills, learned to program an Arduino, designed the enclosure using parametric CAD software, and used a laser cutter for the first time.

The Batter's Eye

My first foray into video game design and development saw me wrangling CAD software and Unity—on top of my usual app design workflow—to create a turn-based double-blind Battleship-like representation of the mental duel between pitcher and batter.

I hope to come back to this concept one day.

Weather/Transit Dashboard

I have an old first-generation iPad that had been collecting dust; I decided to repurpose it as a dashboard fixture for my apartment.

The iPad now sits on my kitchen shelf, displaying the weather forecast along with ETAs for the next vehicles to arrive at the nearest bus stop.

This dashboard was built as a static website which consumes the Dark Sky and NextBus APIs.


This is the beginning of an attempt to create a card-game UI framework for the web.

Using jQuery UI and custom CSS styles and transitions, I hope to capture most of the types of card interactions a game might need, in an effective and delightful manner.

Eric Akaoka